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Welcome to, We are expert in manufacturing skin care tools, blackhead remover, blackhead removal tools, Comedone extractor kits and beauty tools. Our implements are used by professional dermatologists skin specialists aestheticians and home consumers like you. We are producing high-quality German Stainless steel tools.  Our tools are used in beauty parlors spas health clinics and saloons.You can't find such quality tools anywhere in the World.

If you are looking for super quality skin care tools you have reached the right place. Here you will find every necessary instrument for your facial needs. We are producing acne extractor kit, acne extractor tool, professional blackhead remover kit, Schamberg comedone extractor kit, Acne remover tools, blackhead extractor kits, blackhead remover kit, comedone extractor kit, Saalfield comedone extractor, facial tools, Blackhead extractor tool, blackhead removal tool, blackhead remover tool, blemish remover, zit remover, pimple popper, pimple removing tool, pimple popping tool and whitehead removers.

Our tools are packed in high-quality leather case, beautiful capsule shaped stainless steel container. We offer a one-month guarantee and a lifetime guarantee on manufacturer defect.  We offer Free Worldwide Delivery on all orders via Express DHL service. Subscribe to our monthly news letter to keep update with our new skin care tools. Visit blackhead remover Video section to know more about the usage of these tools. You will find videos on, How to remove blackheads with comedone extractor. Visit our skin care blog to know useful articles about skin care and blackheads.  

Our skin care tools are very easy to use at home, before using any tool, simply wash your face with hot water to open up the pores, then place the blackhead remover over blackhead and simply push down the tool over blackhead and slide it down with tool. You may see our video section for more detail. For deep and stub born blackheads, use lancet end of the tools. 

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