13 Different Types of Blackhead Extractors and Whitehead Removers

Types of Blackhead Extractors

Venus Worldwide has a huge range of blackhead remover tools. In this post, we will focus on different tools used for blackheads, whiteheads and pimples. Our all tools are made up of high quality German Stainless steel. We are offering free Worldwide DHL delivery on all tools. Moreover, you will get one month guarantee. Our aim is to provide best quality instruments to professional dermatologists, aestheticians, beauticians, cosmetologists and home consumers. In this article, we will try to explain properties of each and every skin care tool we produce. All our tools are either packed in stainless steel capsule or special leather case.

What are Different Types of Blackhead Extractors and Whitehead Removers

pimple popper tool by venus worldwide 1- Pimple popper tool
This tool is a very common product used by professionals and home consumers. It has 2 small angled loop shaped ends. The handle is specially designed for easy grip. This tool is basically used of whiteheads on nose, chin, and forehead. Simply slid this tool on your whiteheads to remove all the blemishes. Loops are slightly angled to reach difficult areas of the face.

Acne Extractor Kit by venus worldwide2- Acne Extractor Kit
This kit is favorite among aestheticians and dermatologists, comprises of 6 spoon shaped extractors, 2 very sharp lancets, 6 different shapes of fine loop extractors, and one stainless steel handle. All extractors and lancets can be screwed up at both ends of the handle. Checkered handle for easy grip. You have small or large whiteheads blackheads blemishes pimples, can easily get rid of zits with this 14 in 1 blackhead remover kit. For blackheads use and press spoon shaped extractors until blackhead pops out, and for whitehead use fine loop extractors. For more detail, you may see blackhead remover video section at our website. Lancets are used to open the pores of deep blackheads.

fineloop comedone extractor Kit3- Schamberg Comedone Extractor Kit
This kit is composed of 5 most wanted pimple popper tools. Each end is specifically designed for extracting blackheads. Just press this tool over blackhead until all sebum and oil pop out. This kit has high demand among aestheticians and beauticians. Use smaller pore ends for small blackheads and larger for large blackheads.

acne remover tool4- Acne Remover Tools
Ok, guys, these two tools are an ideal choice for home consumers and professionals. We have 2 spoon shaped extractors, one flat extractor, and one file loop extractor. As mentioned above, spoon shaped ends and flat extractors are ideal for popping out blackheads and the fine loop is basically used for whiteheads. Simply press the spoon shaped end and pop out the blackhead, in the case of whiteheads, simply slide and drag down the tool will help removing whiteheads.

comedone removal kit5- Comedone Extractor Kit:
This kit is composed of 6 different sizes of spoon shaped extractors, 2 sharp lancets and one handle, packed in a beautiful leather case. If you have blackheads of different sizes, and you want to get rid of these blemishes, then use this kit. Ideal for beauticians, dermatologists and home consumers like you.

facial tools6- Facial Tools
Our Facial tools kit is composed of 3 blackhead remover tools. This kit has two sharp lancets, one small spoon shaped extractor for blackheads and 3 fine loop extractors for whiteheads. In the case of blackhead, simply press the spoon shaped end to pop out the zit, and in the case of whiteheads simply slide and drag down fine loop end of tools.

Saalfield Comedone extractor Kit7- Saalfield Comedone Extractor:
This kit comprises of two saalfield comedone extractors. One is large and other is small. Both have two sharp lancets with two spoon shaped comedone extractors. Ideal kit for removing small and large blackheads. You can use these tools for deep and stubborn blackheads too. After taking steam, use lancet to open pores, then press it with spoon shaped extractor.

blackhead extractor tool8- Blackhead Extractor
This tool is ideal for removing blackheads and whiteheads over nose, forehead, and chin. Composed of one large flat curate shaped extractor and one fine loop extractor. You can see the section of blackhead remover videos of our website to know more about this tool. Ideal Tool for both blackheads and whiteheads.

blackhead removal tool9- Blackhead Removal Tool
This tool is ideal for multiple and large blackheads and whiteheads. Long stainless steel handle for easy grip. Simply press down the tool over blackheads and incase of whiteheads, slid and drag this instrument for removing whiteheads. Beautiful capsule case for easy storage.

best blackhead remover10- Blackhead Remover
Here comes our high demand item. It comes with a handle and two ends. Both ends can be screwed up inside handle for easy storage. One end is a sharp lancet and other end is curate spoon shaped extractor. Can be used for deep and stubborn blackheads too.

blemish remover11- Blemish Remover
This tool has large fine loop extractor at one end and a sharp lancet at other end. Ideal for removing multiple whiteheads at once. Loop is angle to remove whiteheads from areas difficult to reach. Both ends can be screwed up inside handle for easy storage.

comedone extractor12- Comedone Extractor Tool
This tool has long angled spoon shaped extractor. 6 sided beautiful handle for easy gripping. Ideal for removing blackheads from ear and difficult areas. Long end is ideal for this purpose. Can remove blackheads from every difficult place.

pimple popping skin tool13- Double Spoon Blackhead Removers
We have two double spoon blackheads remover. Each tool has one large spoon shaped end with multiple holes. You simply press this end to remove multiple whiteheads from tip of nose easily. Other end is also showing small spoon shaped end with single hole ideal for removing blackheads.

In our coming articles, we will show you videos about how to use these different types of blackhead extractors and Whitehead remover tools properly.


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