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Blackheads Remover

$ 49.00

Our most wanted blackheads remover. Ideal choice for removing blackheads at home. Best choice for removing blackheads, whiteheads, blemishes, acne and pimples.

SKU: VW-2000

Product Description

Blackheads Remover by Venus Worldwide

This Newly designed double loop extractor is used for deep pushing of blackheads and whiteheads. The flatter end loop minimizes bruising and skin irritation. A favorite among estheticians. Thin angled loop to roll out mature whiteheads and a flat curet shaped side to press out blackheads. Flat side works to gently roll out mature whiteheads. Angled loop is designed to press out blackheads. Solid Stainless Steel. Wait until the whitehead breaks open the skin. Then gently roll the wire over the whitehead. Press down the flat side curate directly over blackhead to gently remove. Disinfect area when finished. Do not squeeze out whiteheads or blackheads with your fingers. You can aggravate the problem and damage the skin.The fine quality Stainless steel capsule with Imprinted Venus Worldwide logo, for easy storage. checkered handle for easy griping
Stainless steel ( Forged ) Rock well~ 50-52 Rc,
Mirror polished

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