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Schamberg comedone extractor Kit

$ 89.00

Manufacturer and Exporters of quality Schamberg comedone extractor Kit and blackhead removers. Also called as pimple popper for extracting blackheads.

SKU: VW-1002

Product Description

Schamberg comedone extractor Kit by Venus Worldwide

Size: 3.75″ Each
GermanStainless Steel
Free Leather Case

a- Schamberg comedone”blackhead” extractor- 3.75″- Standard, Square openings
b-Schamberg comedone”blackhead” extractor- 3.75″-Extra Fine, 2 Pinched Ends
c-Schamberg comedone”blackhead” extractor-3.75″-Extra Fine, 1 pinched end, 1 square opening
d-Schamberg comedone”blackhead” extractor- 3.75″- Extra Fine, Square Openings
e-Schamberg comedone”blackhead” extractor-3.75″-Regular, 2 Pinched Ends

Do you want to get rid of your acne and blackheads? Have you ever seen dermatologists using such tools for your blackheads? We will highly recommend you to buy this quality skin care kit. You may have tried creams, antibiotics for your blackheads and acne. You should also use this great toolkit, it really works. It is the tool of choice with professionals because it is simple, precise, built to last a lifetime, and because it works! Unlike probing fingers, this “TOOL KIT” pinpoints and extracts with minimal disturbance to other pores in the area. If you don’t want to pay a Doctor a hundred dollars or so a session, and you believe you can do this, try this tool. How many men and women spend money making their fingertips look good and next to nothing on keeping blackheads off their chins? TOO MANY!! Make the effort to look your best. Beauty is something we all have to work at. Do your best to look your best. Your self-confidence will soar! Question is-Why do DR’S remove blackheads? If blackheads are not removed, over time the body will start to attack the tissue around the plug and can/will cause permanent scars. So why not you use this tool, This is done by placing the tooltip over the blackhead itself and gently applying pressure until it is fully expressed. NEVER use fingers because nails can and do cause more harm than the blackhead. If you must use your fingers, please cut your nails down and wrap tissue around your fingers to protect your skin from your nails. Also, your fingers are often unclean and can’t extract without bothering surrounding pores. We have made 5 styles of these Schamberg comedone”blackhead” extractors, both extra fine and regular. Use extra fine ends for smaller blackheads and regular for larger areas.
If you do have clogged pores and unsightly blackheads. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
How to use?
First, buy a magnified mirror!! You won’t believe how many blackheads you will find in NATURAL DAYLIGHT with that mirror.
Second, prepare the skin by opening the pores with a warm wash cloth. (Ideal after bath or shower) CONSIDER BUYING GLYCOLIC ACID 70% ( it is good, cheap and very effective at removing dead skin and oil before extraction) Professionals use it for this reason and to clear sun damaged skin. Express with this tool to open the pore so that it could do what it is intended to do. NEVER try to remove any pimple that does not have a head on it. You could create an infection. If your pimples are the cystic type, better leave the job to a professional, especially if it is hot to the touch.
Nothing removes blackheads better! No scrub, soap, strip or lotion will remove blackheads like this “tool”. Scrubs and wash cloths only scrape the surface.

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