How to Use Blackhead Removal Tool Correctly

how to use blackhead removal tool

Blackhead remover is the best way to remove and extract blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and blemishes. Comedone extractors are tools with a lancet at one end and a loop on another end. Many extractors may have loops attached to either end. These tools are designed in such a way that your skin is not damaged while pulling out the core of a pimple easily. If you want to prevent infection of the skin, you must prepare your skin before using these implements.

1- How to Disinfect your Face

A- Wash your face
To get a clean skin, you must wash your face twice daily. If you have a plan of using blackhead remover tool, then wash your face before any procedure on your face. You may use a gentle cleanser and lukewarm water for your face wash. Always try to avoid scrubbing your face and harsh exfoliating cleanser, as it can irritate your face and cause inflammation and redness. Instead of scrubbing your face, use a gentle cotton washcloth or your fingers, to gently massage your skin with cleanser. After that, simply wash your face with warm water. Now dry your face with a towel after you finishing face wash.


B-Opening Pores of Skin
It is necessary to soften your acne and pimples before using an acne tool because the process of softening will make these easier to remove. For this purpose, you have to take a hot shower or place a hot wet towel for 2 to 3 minutes over your face. You may open the pores by taking steam treatment. Avoid too hot water while taking steam as it can burn your skin.


C- Hands Disinfection and Wearing Gloves
Infection can spread from your dirty hands and worsen your pimples overtime so before using blackhead removal tools, disinfect your hands with water and soap preferably antibacterial soap. In market, disposable gloves are available, you may use gloves too. More you care of cleanliness and hygiene, there will be more chances of success in clearing up your whiteheads and blackheads.


D- Sterilize Blackhead Remover Tool
Always sterilize your tool with alcohol, spirit or cotton swab before using over your skin. Similarly, disinfect the pimples themselves with alcohol or cotton swab so that infection does not inadvertently get enter into skin pores.


2- How to Use Blackhead Removal Tool
It is the best technique to use these tools for blackheads, Blackheads easily get out with tools having loops at either end, for whiteheads you have to use tools with a sharp lancet. There are different sizes of loops of blackhead removers. Use the loop that is most appropriate to the size of blackheads. Avoid popping whiteheads with your fingers, you will have to use lancet before extracting whiteheads. You may consult a skin specialist or aesthetician if you have many whiteheads.

For blackheads, first place a loop end of comedone extractor over a pimple you want to remove, now apply slight pressure with the extractor over a pimple from side to side gently. You must use the technique of push and slide over your blackheads. By doing this, blackhead and oil will be pulled out from the follicle. You are applying gentle pressure over blackhead and it is not coming out, then don’t try to force it as it may lead to scarring and infection. If you have a severe acne problem, it is better to consult a dermatologist rather than removing blackheads at home. Moreover, if you have whiteheads, and you are unable to use the lancet, then better to visit your dermatologist.

Sometimes, you may bleed slightly while using blemish tools. Use surgical gauze dressing to absorb any blood. Your bleeding will stop in a few moments. If not, then apply firm pressure with fingers for a few seconds.

After using blackhead tool, again clean your facial skin with alcohol. Now you have acne free skin. Always clean your extractor tool before storage to its case. Keep in mind, that you will optimize your success at treating your pimples and blemishes by adopting extra effort towards good hygiene and cleanliness.

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